Case Studies

Transformational Change in a Family Business

When a large family business with a turnover approaching £1bn needed to reduce its cost to serve and implement a new ERP system, the owners turned to Williams Bain. 

The Situation

This was an Engineering services business which was successfully operating on low (Industry average) margins. The business was well run by a strong leadership team who did not have the internal expertise to deliver the desired change. 

The Solution

Our deep understanding of family businesses and how they differ from corporate organisations enabled us to identify the right interim expert. Our transformational change expert, who had extensive Industry experience, quickly commenced the discovery phase. With the support of a large consultancy’s assurance team the business agreed on the right ERP vendor selection. Once the ERP was purchased our expert created the business solution which involved reprioritising the order in which the ERP would be delivered across the divisions. 

As the solution was compelling, the business case approval process was straightforward. The Board agreed the budget and the best approach to delivery, whilst safeguarding the financial interests of the family members and ensuring the sustainability of the business. 

The Result

With no non-family shareholders to satisfy, we were able to collaborate in taking a longer-term view of transformational change. The programme plan was created to consider the unique culture of a large family owned business. Delivery commenced approximately 4 months after our interim expert started, the programme is on-going and delivering to plan and budget under the sponsorship of the CFO and CEO.