Expert Insights

How to keep your prices at an optimum level

Market volatility, wage inflation and the spiraling cost of raw materials has forced many businesses to increase prices. But doing so without damaging sales or customer trust is a careful balancing act. Data scientist Ali Habasha explains why intelligent pricing is the answer. “Historically, a lot of organisations, especially B2Bs, have applied blanket price increases….

6 things to consider before selling part of your business

Divesting a business can streamline your organisation and generate capital to reinvest in its future. But where to start? What are the challenges? And what’s the most effective way to get the best price? Interim Managing Director Andy Halsall, a transformation and disposal specialist, shares his advice. 1. Consider your options Typically, when leaders consider…

How to start building your AI capability – Tips for the CEO

Recent months have seen apocalyptic warnings on the dangers of artificial intelligence. But “AI transformation expert” Dean Zia Dar isn’t panicking yet – and says business leaders shouldn’t either. He offers these tips to help you standup AI capability in less than a year. 1. This is how AI helps you “Don’t let the technology…

Why social value is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

Once largely viewed as the ‘fluffy stuff’ in bids, today social value is a significant and serious part of every government contract. In fact, says social value adviser Richard Dennis OBE, a former COO of Amey’s FM division, it’s fast becoming a significant and serious part of doing business full-stop.  Pick a number between 10…

How to earn the commute and win back your people 

Covid changed the way we work, enabling millions to either do their jobs from home permanently or drop into the office occasionally. But while hybrid has advantages, many companies are concerned about its negative impacts. So what can be done? Employee and customer experience expert Debra Ward believes it’s time for organisations to rethink their…

Six reasons to carry out a value creation plan (VCP) – even if you’re not facing a PE buyout

When a private equity (PE) firm comes into a business and interrogates the data and your team to make a value creation plan, it can “feel like open-heart surgery while trying to run a marathon.” So says Mike Hawthorne, an executive advisor and former CEO of PE portfolio companies. But a VCP doesn’t have to…

Pay rises in a post Covid world

Requests for pay rises are on the increase, and whether you are the manager/remco member or employee, the following information may prove useful. I am pretty certain that there have been far fewer conversations about pay rises over the past year than would usually take place. However, as offices start to re-open and employees contemplate…

How doing digital right can increase your margins

With so many companies still not taking full advantage of the digital revolution, interim executive John Lindup argues that data and technological integration are key to strengthening existing relationships, increasing margins and future-proofing your business.

More than 8 in 10 businesses underwent transformational change in 2017

A global survey by interim management specialist IXPA has found that 85% of businesses underwent transformational change in 2017. The study looked at the key challenges facing organisations around the world over the past 12 months and asked leaders how they were tackling them.

Responding to change: what next for social housing?

The Social Housing sector faces unprecedented challenges as Housing Associations and Local Authority ALMOs have to provide more homes and better services with less money. Change management expert David Lister argues that restructuring and developing a new Target Operating Model can create greater efficiencies and more modern ways of working – leaving organisations in better shape for the future.

Quality data starts with good governance

High-quality, well-managed data is crucial to give you a more sophisticated understanding of your customers and to drive better decision making. But before you can exploit data, it’s vital that you have sound governance in place – and the responsibility for that lies with the board, not your IT department.

Is now the time to sell your shared service centre?

A boom in internal shared service centres (SSCs) over the past 20 years has helped many organisations lower costs and drive efficiencies. But should you go a step further and outsource altogether? Interim finance manager Ben Chapman, who’s helped many companies set up and / or outsource their SSCs, explains the benefits of doing so, and why now’s a good time.