Expert Insights

Making a LATCo work in the real world

With many local authorities facing ever increasing financial pressures and demands, service delivery specialist Dave Fergus argues that it’s time to be brave and think and act differently about commercialisation.

Quality data starts with good governance

High-quality, well-managed data is crucial to give you a more sophisticated understanding of your customers and to drive better decision making. But before you can exploit data, it’s vital that you have sound governance in place – and the responsibility for that lies with the board, not your IT department.

Is now really a good time to go for growth?

With turbulence on the stock markets, an economic slowdown in China and uncertainty over the UK’s position in Europe, is now really the time to invest in growth? Former top Coca-Cola executive Nick Massey believes that, with some shrewd moves and a robust plan, you could seize the initiative to boost your market share and deliver a significant revenue upside.

Going digital: a golden opportunity

We’ve all seen how digital has transformed the consumer experience. But what about in the B2B world? Henry Boyden specialises in helping organisations capitalise on the potential of digital business. He tells us how B2Bs who haven’t undertaken significant digital transformation, are in danger of leaving it too late.

How to make innovation business as usual

Although Britain’s economy expanded 2.8% in 2014, productivity has fallen for the third successive year. In response, the CBI has called for businesses to become more innovative and raise their performance. Many companies already describe themselves as ‘innovative’, but how many implement a solid model to ensure it’s embedded in everyday business? We spoke to growth and innovation expert Dennis Pannozzo to find out how he helps companies build sustainable innovation capability.

Are you really listening to your customers?

Over the past decade the likes of Amazon and Apple have transformed the way we buy and use products. The key to their success has been a complete focus on the needs and experiences of their customers. So could B2B organisations learn from their B2C cousins and do more for their customers? Peter Fisher, an expert in customer focus, believes so.

Be brave and make TUPE work for everyone

Protection of employment rights during a transfer – known as TUPE – can be a minefield. Get it wrong and it can make your acquisition completely unprofitable, but with a little bravery you can seize the opportunity to vary employee terms and conditions for the benefit of everyone. TUPE expert Ruth Gawthorpe offers some useful advice.

6 ways to make your change programme a success

When it comes to change programmes, companies often make the same mistakes. So what are they
and how do you avoid them? Author, coach and successful change management expert Brigitte Cobb
offers her tips to staying on track.

Sales or marketing? Which is the priority for optimum growth?

With the UK out of recession, many UK businesses are bullish about growth in 2014. But what’s the best way to achieve it? Should your focus be sales or marketing? David Baldwin-Evans, an experienced interim sales and marketing leader, shares his thoughts.

Complex change is easy…

Complex change is easy so long as you have a clear plan, the skills to deliver it and the ability to engage with people at all levels and bring them along. Highly experienced interim transformation programme director Tony Martin lists a few simple rules to make effective change easier.

A fresh look at China

Although China’s astonishing rate of economic growth over the past 30 years has slowed, there are still plenty of opportunities for companies looking to do business in the world’s most populous country. One businessman with considerable experience of working in China is strategic brand expert Jonathan Geldart. He’s now co-authored a new book that captures the insights of Chinese business leaders and provides a practical guide for Western companies.

Making change faster and stickier

When a company undergoes major change, it can be an uncertain time for its employees. Effective communication will not only help your people understand what’s happening and why, but it will also help you understand their views and concerns. As experienced change communications expert Phyllida Barr tells us, communication plays an important role in building trust and making change stick.