Expert Insights

Interim or permanent – when is it right to make the switch?

It’s rare for career interim managers to take a permanent role. One who recently did just that is John Adkins, an executive with vast experience of devising and delivering organisational change, who has also led companies at the highest levels. We spoke to John about why he did it and what individuals and companies should consider before making the switch.

Project Finger-Printing – How to avoid organisational amnesia

Lessons learned are important for continuous improvement and future success. While many are happy to discuss what went right on a project, exploring what went wrong can be easier said than done. Finance executive and change manager Siva Shankar explains a system he calls ‘project finger-printing’ which provides a mechanism for people to share valuable information on factors that drove success and failure.

Total attraction – business buzzword or clarity at last?

As companies compete to attract the brightest talent with specialist skills, is it time to take ‘total attraction’ seriously? Having helped shape the attraction strategies of many bluechip companies, Dan Atkinson argues the case.

Shared services optimisation – the next generation

Shared services began in the early 1990′s when large corporates were seeking a new, more cost-efficient model for running back-office services. Today, the concept is well established with shared services saving organisations millions of pounds. But what’s next? We asked business consulting expert and Interim Manager Allan Robb to look at the options.

Creating a business change function

In many organisations, business change programmes are managed by IT. But as Programme Manager Luke Evans argues, this can create a number of problems. He believes there’s a better way: and that’s to create a dedicated business change function.