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How much do interim managers cost

The day rate range is important although what’s equally important is how an Interim manager prioritises when considering an assignment as this directly influences their cost per day

The differences between an Interim manager and contractor  

When it comes to hiring a professional to work on a project or fill a role within a company, there are two main options available: a contractor and an interim manager.

Interview suggestions for the experienced interim executive

Interview tips that we have collated over the years from the very best interim managers

Guide: Do I need to hire an experienced Interim Manager or appoint a Management Consultancy?

This is an honest guide based on my 20 years experience supporting organisations with Interim Managers.

Why is assignment feedback from a client important?

Feedback through the assignment and at the end of the assignment is important, here’s why

How does an Interim Manager hand over work?

The handover from an interim manager is just as important as the hiring mandate

How to be a great sponsor for your interim manager

This video explains how and why to be a great sponsor for your interim manager

What to expect from your Interim Manager

Experienced interim managers need no supervision but what can you expect from them?

What should an assignment offer include?

Set expectations from the start of an assignment and follow that up with relevant paperwork

Referencing an Interim Manager

Solid references are key, they must be in detail and specific and you should always ask to see them

Can I reduce the interim manager’s day rate?

Day rate – No, can i reduce the cost of an interim manager per week – Yes

Why is interview feedback important?

Interview feedback is much more important that you would first believe, it can advance your career as a hiring manager